Manuscript resources

If you’re getting ready to submit your manuscript to us, you can find all our guides and guidelines here.

Submitting your manuscript

If you’re working on a book for us and we’ve requested a full manuscript, these are the resources you need to submit your manuscript in the proper formats. Please note that it is ESSENTIAL to follow our guidelines. 

We are a not-for-profit organization. That means that we rely on the generosity of volunteers to create our publications, and keep the prices of our publications low. That is why it is important that you submit your manuscript using the chapter templates provided below and following our exact guidelines. Otherwise, any aberration could delay the publishing process for months, while we free up volunteers to fix your mistakes for you. 

If your chapter does not conform to our guidelines, we can reject your submission or even annul our contract. So please read everything carefully before you submit. 


Chapter guidelines


Author guidelines edited volume

These are the full guidelines for submitting a chapter to an edited volume.


 Chapter template 2022

When you send your chapter to your editor or Inter/Connexions, make sure it is formatted exactly like this template.


MLA Reference guideline 2022

All references in Inter/Con publications need to follow our referencing guidelines. Ours is based on MLA 8th, though it does contain some modifications. Download this file for detailed instructions.


InterConnexions Permission guidelines

If you need a copyright holder’s permission to use their work in your chapter: download these guidelines to find out what you need to do.


Permission request form

If you need to ask permission from a copyright holder for using someone else’s work (e.g. images or quotes over 300 words), use this form to get their consent.


Interview release form

If your work in your chapter is based on interviews you conducted, get all your subjects to fill out and sign this form.




Book guidelines

Verbatim copying of more than ten per cent (or a significant passage or section of text) of another person’s work without acknowledgement, references or the use of quotation marks.

How-to videos
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