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Collaborative Publishing

Interdisciplinary conversations need both diversity as well as variety in order to be accessible to and engaging with the widest possible audience.


Inter/Connexions is proud to be working with a number publishers to realise this exciting interdisciplinary vision. 

Our Series


Inter/Connexions is an innovative gateway showcasing exciting possibilities for publishing when grounded in inclusive interdisciplinary experiences. Unlike conventional publishers—for whom the focus is on adherence to traditional presentations of content—we are evolving publishing models which explore structure, style and form as equally important ways of expressing what lies at the heart of interdisciplinary living and thinking

Emerald Publishing

Emerald Interdisciplinary Connexions is a series which promotes innovative research and encourages exemplary interdisciplinary practice, thinking and living. Books in the series focus on developing dialogues between disciplines and among disciplines, professions, practices and vocations in which the interaction of chapters and authors is of paramount importance.Click on the logo to read more.

Inter-Disciplinary Press

We are delighted to be curating the catalogue of The Inter-Disciplinary Press, originally formed in connection with Inter-Disciplinary.Net. The Press has over 300 titles, – physical as well as eBooks – along with two journals. The Press closed in October 2016. We are delighted to bring you oversight of this unique collection.Click on the logo to read more

Brill | Rodopi

Our series with Brill | Rodopi is entitled At The Interface/Probing The Boundaries and has over 100 titles. The series originally began with the Editions Rodopi publishing house (Amsterdam 1966) but in January 2014, it became part of Brill and continues under the imprint Brill | Rodopi. Click on the logo to read more.

Series Oversight

Dr Rob Fisher

Network Founder & Interdisciplinary Terraformer
Dr Rob Fisher has been involved in creating innovative interdisciplinary programmes for over 30 years. A former Head of Philosophy and Course Leader for Theology at Westminster College, Oxford, Rob walked away from formal academia in order to concentrate on developing creative new possibilities for interdisciplinary work which increasingly encroaching business models were stifling in higher education.

Teresa Cutler-Broyles

Strategic Interdisciplinary Enrichment Coordinator
Teresa Cutler-Broyles teaches film analysis and cultural theory at the University of New Mexico, including Cult Film, The Zombie Movie, Post-Apocalyptic Film, Architecture in Film and Introduction to Film Studies. She spends her summers teaching at the Umbra Institute in Perugia, Italy focusing on the interplay of Italian history, identity, culture and food, with an occasional foray into the history of Italian gardens.

Lorraine Rumson

eDisseminations Explorer
Lorraine Rumson is in English Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, where she is writing a dissertation on the subject of Victorian Jewish Medievalism. She is an interdisciplinary cultural studies scholar, and researches minor, decanonized, popular, and “bad” literature and cultural products of the late nineteenth century. Progressive Connexions picked her up at the Kink conference.