Series Description

Inter/Connexions Press aims to promote and encourage work that is collaborative, innovative, imaginative, and which provides exemplars for interdisciplinary publishing. To this end, the Press fosters and encourages the production of collaborative volumes which result from interdisciplinary research.


Our books, therefore, tend to be co-authored or edited collections that are firmly focused on developing dialogical models of publishing where the internal interaction of chapters is of paramount importance.


We believe that books are like stepping stones in a river: each can stand alone and serve its purpose in its particular place, but the broader function of every publication is to facilitate progression across many others. Knowledge is dynamic; consolidation of understanding is always in progress, and yet this goes hand in hand with sparks of curiosity and the arousal of new interests. Our books reflect these complexities, as they strive to bring together cognate topics and ideas while, at the same time, explicitly or by implication, alerting readers to new questions and problems.

Series Lead Editors

Marie Bennett

Marie Josephine Bennett completed her doctoral thesis, which focused on critical readings of queer performance in mainstream Hollywood film musicals released between 1970 and 1980, at the University of Winchester. Her other major areas of interest are music in film, popular music of the 1960s-1980s and the Eurovision Song Contest. Marie is an active music teacher, musician and researcher.

Barbara Gabriella Renzi

My work has always been interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary. While I initially worked on cognitive metaphors and how they influence the way we see the world, I am now looking at how the metaphors shape us. In an interplay of inside and outside I have dealt with biological metaphors and philosophy of science, depression and conflict and now I am trying to understand how and which "external", "sociological" metaphors are incorporated into the construction of identity of migrants and minorities cultures. I am particularly interested in the concepts of shame (which I might consider plural). I am also a writer and translator. I am a philosopher and CBT therapist.

Our Editorial Team

Shirin Abbas is an Academician, Consultant and Researcher with 35 years + experience in mainstream media, academics and research. She is a triple M.A and PhD in Mass Communication ( Social and Behavioural Change Communication) Her focus areas and expertise are Communication and Media, Women and Gender Studies.

Shirin Abbas

I am a Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer, licenced in South Africa.My professional interests include a focus on Depth and Archetypal psychotherapy, transference, counter transference and the intersubjective field in psychotherapy, training of young psychologists, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. 

Stephanie Terre Blanche

June Jordaan is an Architect and Senior Lecturer in Architecture from Cape Town, South Africa. Her research interests include Space and Place, Places of Female Persecution and Witchcraft, Phenomenology, and more recently, Architectural Aesthetics related to Liminality.

June Jordaan

Dr Petra Rehling is a German independent scholar, sinologist, freelance journalist and artist. Her publications include a book on Hong Kong cinema and articles on science fiction, fantasy, wuxia and cyberculture.

Petra Ling

Rossitsa Terzieva-Artemis is Professor of Literature in the Department of Languages and Literature at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. She works in the fields of modern English and Anglophone literatures, continental philosophy, and cultural studies. Rossie holds an MA in English Language.

Rossitsa Terzieva-Artemis

Publications Advisory Board

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Books in the Series

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