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Inter-Disciplinary Press is no longer active. However, it shared many of the aims of Inter/Connexions and produced volumes that are currently under our guardianship.


The Inter-Disciplinary Press aims to promote and encourage work that is collaborative, innovative, imaginative, and which provides exemplars for inter-disciplinary publishing. To this end, the Press fosters and encourages the production of collaborative volumes which result from interdisciplinary research.


Our books, therefore, tend to be co-authored or edited collections that are firmly focused on developing dialogical models of publishing where the internal interaction of chapters is of paramount importance.


We believe that books are like stepping stones in a river: each can stand alone and serve its purpose in its particular place, but the broader function of every publication is to facilitate progression across many others. Knowledge is dynamic; consolidation of understanding is always in progress, and yet this goes hand in hand with sparks of curiosity and the arousal of new interests. Our books reflect these complexities, as they strive to bring together cognate topics and ideas while, at the same time, explicitly or by implication, alerting readers to new questions and problems.

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