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We are not a typical publisher. We are an innovative gateway showcasing what happens when you build bridges across disciplines, professions and practices. 

All our projects are rooted in inclusive experiences. We thrive on diversity and our doors are always wide open for proposals on any topic. No boundaries, no limits – just interest in ideas which spark curiosity. 

Our radical philosophy means we have developed 12 specialised, thematic Hubs. Dive into these areas: let them spark your imagination and explore where they may take you.


The challenges to cultures and societies in the 21st century

Cultures and Societies

On a daily basis we encounter spiteful and malicious acts,


Mapping the areas of food and drink is an exciting,

Food and Drink

Sexuality has an overwhelming influence on how human life is

Gender and Sexualities

We live in a world of what seems like unprecedented

Global Transformations

Whether health is regarded as a value in itself, or

Health and lllness

In the 21st century, rights are generally and universally recognised

Human Rights

A collection of interrelated innovative, cutting-edge fully inclusive interdisciplinary research

Making Sense Of

Music is profound, and poignant. It resonates within us and

Music &....

Individual, group and even national identities are built on layers


Spirituality recognises that there is more to reality than just

Spirituality And...

Storytelling is integral to the history of human beings in


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There are three ways in which projects emerge and evolve with Inter/Connexions.


~ Projects we design, found and grow ourselves


~ Projects which form out of collaborations between Inter/Connexions, professional associations, networks, institutions and individuals


~ Projects that originate in expressions of interest from folks who have an interest in or enthusiasm for a particular area, subject, practice or activity.


If you would like to propose or discuss a project, we’d love to hear all about it. Simply send an email by clicking the button below and let’s see where it takes us!

Inter/Connexions is a not-for-profit dissemination network inspiring global, inclusive and innovative interdisciplinary forms of publishing