Making Sense Of: Health, Illness and Disease


Series: At the Interface / Probing the Boundaries, Volume: 11
Volume Editors: Peter L. Twohig and Vera Kalitzkus

Health, illness and disease are topics well-suited to interdisciplinary inquiry. This book brings together scholars from around the world who share an interest in and a commitment to bridging the traditional boundaries of inquiry. We hope that this book begins new conversations that will situate health in broader socio-cultural contexts and establish connections between health, illness and disease and other socio-political issues. This book is the outcome of the first global conference on “Making Sense of: Health, Illness and Disease,” held at St Catherine’s College, Oxford, in June 2002. The selected papers pursue a range of topics from the cultural significance of narratives of health, illness and disease to healing practices in contemporary society as well as patients’ illness experiences.
Researchers and health care practitioners now live in the age of interdisciplinarity, which has transformed both health care delivery and research on health. The essays in this collection transcend the traditional boundaries of biomedicine and draw attention to the many ways in which health is embedded in socio-cultural norms and how these norms, in turn, shape health practices and health care. This volume is of interest not only to researchers but also to those delivering health care.
Copyright Year: 2004

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Publication Date: 25 Oct 2021
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Volume: 11 Volume Editors: Peter L. Twohig and Vera Kalitzkus Publication Date: 25 Oct 2021 ISBN: 978-90-04-49489-3