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Perspectives on Evil


From Banality to Genocide
Series: At the Interface / Probing the Boundaries, Volume: 101
Volume Editor: Kanta Dihal

The question of evil is one of the oldest and most intensely studied topics in intellectual history. In fiction, legend and mythology the boundary between good and evil is often depicted as clear-cut, at least to the reader or listener, who is supposed to understand such tales as lessons and warnings. Evil is something that must be avoided by the hero in some cases and vanquished in others; it is either the exact opposite of the expected good behaviour, or its complete absence. Even so, for the characters in these didactic fictions, it turns out to be deceptively easy to fall to the infernal, ‘dark’ side. This volume draws on the expertise of an interdisciplinary group of contributors to chart events and deeds of an ‘evil’ nature that have been lived in the (recent) past and have become part of history, from individual to institutionalised evil.
Copyright Year: 2019

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ISBN: 978-90-04-40926-2
Publication Date: 07 Oct 2019
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ISBN: 978-90-04-36582-7
Publication Date: 17 Oct 2019
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From Banality to Genocide Volume: 101 Volume Editor: Kanta Dihal Publication Date: 07 Oct 2019 ISBN: 978-90-04-40926-2