Queer Sexualities


04 Jan 2013
Paperback Critical Issues English
Edited by Anne Worthington

Queer theory has extended its reach from its early beginnings in literary and critical theory to a wide range of disciplinary enquiry – as this volume exemplifies. Established and new academics interrogate sexed subjectivity, identities and sexual practices in sustained dialogue with each other. What is queer junk? Can the notion of queer chart geo-political cultures? Do s/m practices subvert categories of ability and race? Or does kink offer a containment of cultural anxieties? What does queer theory suggest about post-Suharto Indonesia? What might come of an engagement between Lacanian psychoanalysis and queer theory? What has come of pederasty and sodomy in the construction of contemporary queer identities? Where will we find the shared foundations of feminism and queer activism?

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Format: Paperback | 190 pages Dimensions:148 x 210 x 10mm | 234g Publication date: 04 Jan 2013 Publisher:Inter/Connexions Imprint:Inter-Disciplinary Press Publication City/Country: United Kingdom
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