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The Pathogenesis of Fear


Mapping the Margins of Monstrosity
Series: At the Interface / Probing the Boundaries, Volume: 114
Editor: Elizabeth Ann Hollis Berry

The Pathogenesis of Fear gathers together diverse conversations about cultural constructions of the monstrous. Interdisciplinary essays map the margins of monstrosity as follows: the cannibalistic paradox in Kleist’s late-Romantic Penthesilea; intersections of the monstrous-feminine and the new Victorian psycho-physiology of consciousness in George Eliot’s early novels; the monster-formed citizens of Dickensian and later dystopias; the killing of African Americans targeted as monstrous entities in US cities; the post-human anguish of a television zombie-world; the monstrous mutilations of a Spanish horror film; psychosocial aberration in Martin Millar’s werewolf fiction; the demonization of the Other on the war-torn streets of Ireland; Derridean devouring sovereignty. Discursively correlated with different categories of body and mind, monstrosity, these essays argue, persists in taking many forms. Contributors are Elizabeth Hollis Berry, Niculae Gheran, Sarah Harris, Fiona Harris-Ramsby and Mubarak Muhammad, Michaela Marková, Kimberley McMahon Coleman, Judith Rahn, Cindy Smith and Marita Vyrgioti.
Copyright Year: 2019

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ISBN: 978-90-04-38809-3
Publication Date: 04 Jan 2019
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Publication Date: 21 Mar 2019

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Mapping the Margins of Monstrosity Volume: 114 Editor: Elizabeth Ann Hollis Berry Publication Date: 04 Jan 2019 ISBN: 978-90-04-38809-3