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Minding Evil


Explorations of Human Iniquity
Series: At the Interface / Probing the Boundaries, Volume: 22
Volume Editor: Margaret Sönser Breen

Minding Evil: Explorations of Human Iniquity brings together fifteen essays, versions of which were presented at the Fifth International Conference on Evil and Wickedness, held in Prague in 2004. The volume examines evil and wickedness from a variety of disciplines, including criminology, cultural studies, gender studies, law, literature, peace studies, philosophy, psychology, and sociology. In so doing Minding Evil keeps in play the doubled meaning of its title: on the one hand, to tend to evil, that is, to oversee, cultivate, and deploy it; on the other hand, to be bothered by evil and so, in learning to identify or recognise it, to try to understand its workings and thus contain or control it and, perhaps, repair or undo it. While the essays taken together work to show the difficulty and at times the travesty of not being able to distinguish between the two meanings, it is this second meaning that remains key. What are the individual and collective responsibilities entailed in minding – being troubled by – evil? This is the central question of this volume.
Copyright Year: 2005

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ISBN: 978-94-012-0150-6
Publication Date: 01 Jan 2005
Availability: Published
ISBN: 978-90-420-1678-1
Publication Date: 01 Jan 2005
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Explorations of Human Iniquity Volume: 22 Volume Editor: Margaret Sönser Breen Publication Date: 01 Jan 2005 ISBN: 978-94-012-0150-6